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Why the concept of Force Ghosts was scrapped from TFA and TROS
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12-May-2021, 10:33 AM

JJ was planning on bringing back Anakin in TFA as we now know but in the end dropped that idea. Rian brought in Yoda but in TROS once again we saw no Force Ghosts other than Luke this time around. I do wonder why again we did not get to see Anakin, honestly it simply makes sense to bring that character back at least for a brief cameo ESPECIALLY if Sidious makes a comeback.

I have very mixed feelings on the sequels, I enjoyed some things, hated the others though I won’t go into details since that is not really what I want to delve into here. Just curious to hear your thoughts on why we did not get to see other Force Ghosts/Anakin in TFA/TROS and only got to hear the voices at the end.

Thought some of you might enjoy this edit: