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Cameron Samurai
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Wandavision: It Was Maximov All Along (Released)
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11-May-2021, 4:49 PM
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15-May-2021, 7:11 AM
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With a few weeks left until Loki, I figured I’d kill time approaching Wandavision again, to see if I could shift the entirety of the blame on to Wanda and not have Agatha as anything other than ‘just another victim’.

So far, things are going great. Monica, Darsy and Jimmy do still have their roles, minimalist as they are, but their story is wrapped by the episode five mark. I skip over the 60s episode as well as any to feature ‘Ralph Bonner’, yes, this edit is entirely free of Quicksilver.

Without Agatha or Quicksilver, Wanda resolves her own situation with the help of Vision by the end of the 90s episode, we still have our flashbacks, just without Agatha or Wanda present for them.

There’s also a new ending. I split up Wanda’s visit to Vision’s remains…in the part used for the flashback, she leaves without saying goodbye to him, in the final scene, after leaving Westview, she journeys back to S.W.O.R.D headquarters to say goodbye.

No chaos magic, no Scarlet cosplay, no Agatha, no Quicksilver, Wanda owns it, and there’s a much more grounded, less goofy and bombastic tale of overcoming grief as a result.

Coming soon.