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The Clone Wars: Refocused [89%] - Released up to S05E01 (Martez Sisters)
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10-May-2021, 7:26 PM
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10-May-2021, 8:04 PM
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Review cut / Workprint available - s03e01 - The Politics of War

32 minutes long, comprising Heroes on Both Sides, Pursuit of Peace, and Senate Murders.

It’s in the usual spreadsheet - PM me if you don’t yet have access.

I’m calling it a review cut mainly to open it to discussion because the edits have been complex and taken from a large pool of possible options - but the narrative is coherent, the edits are complete, and it’s fully polished.

Loads of discussion over the last couple of pages if you want detail, but ultimately it’s:

  • Almost all of Heroes on Both Sides (especially the Bonteri stuff and cutting most scenes of the droids)
  • A quite heavily restructured Pursuit of Peace focused on getting us from Heroes on Both Sides to the great speech Padmé delivers in a coherent way which maximises Padmé value while minimising dry plot.
  • Some useful scenes from Senate Murders peppered throughout to add some context, focus on Bail and Mon Mothma, and extra conflict.

The Pursuit of Peace stuff is where most of the work is and also where I had a lot of options for how to proceed. I can still potentially make a lot of changes and additions in that area if there’s anything you guys think doesn’t quite work. A fair amount is recontextualised here so feel free to savage what I’ve released so that it can be better improved.

There’s my first attempt at some radical (for me) audacity audio effects in this episode too, so if that doesn’t quite work let me know and I’d gladly work with someone to try to smooth it out.

I want to keep the momentum up so my current plan is to release the next episode (Maul Piracy!) and then work over the older comments on the end of Season 2, before reconsidering Season 1 in light of recent feedback. I should get a good amount done this week and weekend.

As always, share your thoughts! ❤️