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Broom Kid
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Zack Snyder's Justice League: Redux Ideas thread
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8-May-2021, 2:34 PM
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krausfadr said:

The three main formatting options for a ZSJL edit would be to keep it as-is in IMAX format (1.33), crop to 2.39 to match Batman v Superman, or crop to 1.78 to fit a standard widescreen tv. I personally would opt for the 1.78 because this leaves as much of the original picture intact as possible on a standard tv, while not having black bars on the top or sides. It would also not be jarringly different from BVS should someone wish to watch BVS and ZSJL back to back.

For what it’s worth, both Snyder and the Director of Photography have repeatedly gone on the record in pre-production AND production that they storyboarded and framed the movie for 1.85:1, and if you literally do nothing more than hit the zoom button on your TV (thus cropping the frame down to 1.78:1) you’ll see that roughly 95% of the film’s composition works perfectly. There are a handful of shots that seem too tight however, and those shots would be the ones you’d need to manually move within the 1.78 frame (meaning instead of being center-framed, as most of the movie is, the 1.78 is top-edged or bottom-edged.)

Essentially: The film was pre-planned, blocked, and shot to work first and foremost in 1.85:1. The “IMAX” thing is an after-the-fact conceit Snyder applied to the film in the Snyder Cut’s post-production. The movie was meant to be seen in 1.85 when they created and shot it. Cropping it back down to that aspect ratio (or 1.78, in this case) is honestly getting it closer to its “original version” than the Snyder Cut is.

FWIW: I think Diana foiling the terrorist thing could go - I like the idea of her introduction into the movie following the Amazonians firing the beacon arrow. The idea that the death scream leads straight into the Amazonian fight is a very good idea too.

I don’t think the Superman vs the League fight should go - although it’d honestly be so much cleaner if he shot up into the sky, hovered there, and then just left. You could imply Lois saw him, figured it out, and met with him at the farm later, thus sort of inserting SOME agency to her character. But if the fight is staying, I think the Whedon version of it is honestly better, especially with regards to Batman having brought Lois there as opposed to Lois just kind of having her weird ritual with old Jimmy Olsen interrupted with her dead boyfriend’s resurrection.