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Star Wars - Episode IV: The Heir of Skywalker (V2 Released)
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6-May-2021, 9:00 PM

It’s a very interesting take on the movie.
The main change is the changes to the color and the music as others have pointed out.
I’ve seen the movie so many times that some of it was jarring to me and some was quite nice.
The music changes I could have done without, however that sounds harsh and I am simply one who thinks there’s a bit too much music in movies (particularly more modern ones). I am a big fan of relative silence with some dialogue and ambient noises.

The creative touches are nice. I like the hologram briefing on the Death Star and I really like the little Empire recruitment spot in the Mos Eisley cantina. What would be really sweet, if you do a V3, would be to tweak that and make it a wanted announcement for a missing ship that is trying to join the rebellion and sneak in a shot of Biggs Darklighter. I think that the most ispired one is how the Falcon enters the Death Star slipping through the docking bays shield. I like how there is a suggestion that the shields don’t have to come down per se, they might just be dialed down for a bit to allow things to come and go while still providing some protection.
The work with Alderan’s destuction is interesting, you have some creative things happening here and should be rightlfully proud of yourself. I look forward to future efforts of yours.