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What's the difference between diffrent versions of Harmy's despecialized trilogy?
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5-May-2021, 2:59 PM

The 4K projects have caused some confusion in this regard – i.e. if you want one sort of color correction, you go with 1.4, but if you want another sort of color correction, go with 1.6, and so on. All of the 4Kxx “versions” are at least potentially active branches.

Despecialized uses version numbers in the more traditional sense. You pretty much never want the older ones, because the only active branch is the latest one. If you’re just interested in a changelog, you might have to dig through the discussion threads. Otherwise, it’s always “Problems in the previous versions were found and fixed”.

Harmy’s even joked before that his latest revisions are “the films as he originally intended to make them, and he has no interest in making older versions available”, ironically echoing a certain someone.

You can use the Ultimate Introductory Guide in the first post of the discussion threads to get the current ones.