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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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5-May-2021, 3:41 AM

Octorox said:

“Leia told me that she sensed the end of her Jedi path.”

I’d really like this if it can be made to sound seamless. I’d really prefer it not be tied to Ben at all. I think it’s in character for Leia to end her Jedi training because she feel she can do more good in getting the new government off the ground.

Yeah, Leia never seemed to want to be a Jedi in the other movies. She was a politician and a commander, and she seemed (based on TFA and TLJ) to have pursued that path while Luke pursued being a Jedi. It felt weird to me in theatres when the film retconned that into Leia being basically a full Jedi, and Luke saying, “Ha! Nah, she totally trained to be a Jedi off camera. She just gave it all up because [external factors pushed her out of a career path she apparently always wanted, #feminism].” At least with this rework, it gives her character more agency - she decides to quit because that’s what she wants, not because she thinks it’ll magically somehow prevent her son from dying. (And, by the way, that plan was a rousing success, Leia. You idiot.)

So on that note…ehhh?