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Star Wars Model Kits - why so expensive?
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4-May-2021, 6:41 PM
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8-May-2021, 10:00 AM
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oojason said:

Have they jumped up in price of late mate - or is it a thing that being going on for a while?

What sort of lines of models are you looking at?

I used to be somewhat up on the Star Wars models - though there were so many differing toy and model lines… they all began to blur into one, and I began to lose interest. Especially given the prices of some of them, or lack of availability as collectors and scalpers would snap many of the more intriguing models and toys up.

Mostly I am looking for the AT-AT I saw them on Amazon for $74.90 early this year 9since then they have shot up pretty good to $150.00 im still going to one. I just a Snowspeeder but its very small I thought I would be bigger. plus I am going to have to paint it silver cause its a dull plastic grey colour. So after those two I will get more rebel ships. but I do want the Slave 1 That ship is a very exotic design. don’t you think so?