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Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 - MKV (Released)
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3-May-2021, 10:41 PM
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3-May-2021, 10:42 PM
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Hi, question for ya! I last watched the Despecialized editions around December 2015, before The Force Awakens came out. I recall Return of the Jedi had a “workprint” in progress version of Despecialized or something like that. I haven’t been able to find a wiki or list of the version releases of Despecialized and when they came out. So my question, is there something like that? How many releases of Despecialized for the trilogy have there been since late 2015, and any info on those updates? Thanks.

Also, for example, has the color changed in A New Hope at all since the 2015’s version of Despecialized? That was the only thing that wasn’t 100% to my taste, maybe combined with the DNR of the blu-ray, skin tone just didn’t feel “natural” to me. Though I know it has the technicolor look etc. Though now we have the 4k77 version for that too which is nice. All in all, Despecialized is terrific for me, just checking back in. 3.0 sounds great, I read somewhere that the new HD version it’s based on removes some of the old DNR and has better color than the earlier blu-rays etc.