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screams in the void
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The new Star Wars comics - general discussion thread
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2-May-2021, 6:17 PM
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ZkinandBonez said:

jedi_bendu said:

screams in the void said:

while I am not a big fan of the current Marvel Star Wars comics , I do find this interesting

Out of curiosity, what do you generally not like about them? Most of the reaction I’ve seen to Marvel’s sw comics has been positive; the recent Vader and Kanan comic series in particular are really popular.

If you don’t mind me butting in;
This all depends greatly on who you ask. Some people really hate the new SW Marvel comics with a passion, while most people I follow online seem quite indifferent to them. I personally stopped paying attention a while ago, finding it to just be too much and not being too impressed overall. Don’t get me wrong, some of it’s been great. I actually think Charles Soule’s Vader series is up there with the best SW comics of all time, but the rest has been quite average I feel. There might be a generational thing as well, and/or a feeling that the tone of the new comics aren’t all that consistent. I tried reading the Aphra series, and while it was fine enough, I just never got the hype. It just seemed kind of dull to me. As for the main series following Luke and the other OT characters, it just doesn’t fell like the OT at all, and the characterization feels off to. It lacks that old serial charm, and instead feels like it takes itself way too serious. Maybe that’s why the Vader series has worked so well (though I personally thought he art in the first run by Larroca was pretty bad).

I also think that the new comics, regardless of what you think of the art, writing, etc. feel so much more pointless nowadays. Before there were multiple cartoons and live-action series the EU existed in novels and comics, yet both of these mediums feel more like filler than anything of consequence, so that might be a factor for a lot of fans as well.

^ yeah , I agree with most of this ,and I will add that most modern comics don’t really do much for me when they are 5 to 6 bucks for a single issue that can be read in five minutes as opposed to the original Marvel Star Wars which had narrative captions that enhanced the stories for me . Same goes for most of the 80s comics I read . Back then , four issues were the equivalent of a full movie for me , as each was about a half hour read . Plus , they had the benefit of doing things that movies can’t really do ( kind of hard for me to explain , for the best idea of what I am talking about , read the book Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud ) .

What turned me off the most about Marvel’s current Star Wars comic was Luke having a lightsaber duel with Vader immediately after the original movie and then later seeing that Leia gets frozen in carbonite right after Empire Strikes Back . Both of those strain credibility to me and I feel Luke and co. would not have gone back to Cloud City that soon .

I did enjoy some of the exploits of Dr. Aphra and her murderous droid companions though , The Han Solo comics were pretty good as well as the first Lando series . The Vader series overall though , I can take or leave as I still think he is over used and has more impact when he shows up sporadically .

Out of the new stuff , I think I enjoyed Shattered Empire the most and the art in that was great . The worst of the new stuff I have seen would have to be the adaptation of The Last Jedi . While I loved the movie , the comic looked like it was drawn by a 5 year old . The covers were decent though .