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Black Alert
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Star Trek Deep Space Nine - NTSC DVD Restoration & 1080p HD Enhancement (Emissary Released)
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2-May-2021, 5:21 AM
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3-May-2021, 7:39 AM
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Black Alert
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Hello guys, my new topic just got an update, including new comparison images and a video sample. Check it out
(Category: “Preservation of other properties”, topic title “Star Trek - DVD-Restoration and Upscale Project”).

To make it easier, I will post the links here as well (only this time, password is “DS9Enhanced”, written without quotation marks).

Comparison images (215 images, 250 MB): vs HD Images - 1x01%3B02 - Der Abgesandte %3B Emissary.rar?dl=0

Video sample (4K at 2880x2160p, 4:3 resolution without black bars left and right, h265 encode in mkv; 2,5 GB):

Let me know what you think.