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Idea: Mallrats TV Cut - with deleted scenes added back in?
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1-May-2021, 2:48 AM

Marvelfan1922 said:

ReverendBeastly said:

I could probably do a composite edit of this. There’s one thing, footage-wise, that’s exclusive to the ABC version, a different thing with Shannon Hamilton on the screen at the end. Other than that I could just take the sections of dubbed audio and re-cut the extended cut to match the ABC cut. I have it recorded SLP on a VHS tape, along with the edited-for-TV Clerks (which features only two visual censors, and drops out every curse word). I don’t really have the time to work on a composite of it right now, but maybe in a few months I will.

Could You Send Me The Clerks Tv Edit. Been Wanting To Really Watch That One.

Arrow’s blu-ray release has it even though instead of 4x3 it’s in its theatrical ratio, including the SD inserts