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Who Would Like To See An Original Star Wars Re-Release Theatrical Showing?
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30-Apr-2021, 6:05 PM

Rodney-2187 said:

Once things get back to normal, I’d love for them to re-release ALL of the Star Wars movies in the theater again. I remember them doing that for the Marvel movies a few years ago. It was great!

I’d even be up for the krayt dragon episode of The Mandalorian (S2E1) on the big screen. It’s very cinematic. The same goes for the last for episodes of The Clone Wars (Siege of Mandalore).

I still want to see the 3-D versions. The trench run and speeder bikes would be awesome!

There’s no part of Star Wars I wouldn’t show up to the theater for, once things get back to normal.

The last paragraph you stated I will agree absoulutly. After seeing the OT films in the theatre AGAIN yes I was at the theatres at the time when they first came out it was GLORIOUS If I see those films i could literally die and go to heaven peacefully. oh more thing “I want that Luke Skywalker Lightsaber No excuses”