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Info and Help Wanted: Foreign DVD of The Wizard of Oz 1982 anime movie for preservation?
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30-Apr-2021, 1:56 PM

Hi, I own the VHS release of The Wizard of Oz (1982) by Paramount and was wondering if this was ever released on an official DVD release in a foreign country. So far, the only foreign DVD I’ve come across is on a DVD site from Pakistan that sells bootlegs.
I’ve been wondering if there’s a Japanese DVD of this movie, since I saw an English version reconstruction on YouTube, using a foreign DVD which has the 1983 Japanese credits in place of the original 1982 English credits. I would like to preserve the Japanese version, make my own English version reconstruction with the English audio and credits from the LaserDisc (except I don’t own a LaserDisc player, and the only upload of the full English version of the 1982 movie that’s on YouTube is in poor quality and stretched to 1.78:1), and upscale both the English and Japanese versions to 1080p with Topaz Video Enhance AI.