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a new hope, adding visual effects, emotion and more character (a WIP)
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29-Apr-2021, 11:48 AM

Thanks MisterBenja1977 ^_^

Artan42 said:

I managed to get some of the Yavin stuff to load and I like the more tropical feel it gives off. The light skies and dark forest also look like there’s an imminent storm which is a good metaphor.

The lighting in the Laars’ garage may be a bit too dark. I always thought it was too dark compared to AotC in ANH anyway and I never even noticed the skyhopper because of the lighting, but it looks a little creepy with 3P0 as a main light source. (the nighttime scenes, not the daylight ones where he’s playing with the toy).

Most of the Death Star is a matte grey or a blue tinted grey but the scenes of Obi and Vader getting ready for their duel have a redish tint. Is that a Musterfar callback?

Thanks, I’m glad you liked. this is really rich and rewarding feedback and makes me feel some additional motivation 😃

I hadn’t intended to make it look stormy, I was mainly trying to enhance the richness of the trees and the ambience they would give off. That is a wonderful side effect though 😄

unfortunately in the garage at night, that shot with 3po is very dark in the original footage, even with the enhanced bit depth of the UHD source. I played around with that shot a fair bit to try and bring it up, but it always ended up looking muddy. I might be able to fix it in post in some way though. depending on how I edit it, I could introduce some lights and maybe use some painting techniques to introduce detail. it depends though… I mean it is one shot and may not be important enough.
I mean, take a look, this is how much detail is in that shot in the dark sections! not much to work with there ^_^ garage

I like your observation of these shots on the death star. initially, I was looking at Ralph Mcquarrie’s concept art and there were a few colour schemes for the death star. the most common was quite bright with blue tints. there was one piece though that showed Luke and Leia in the vertical shaft and it had a rather red hue, I liked the contrast with the other pieces so I decided to use it. my feeling though, was that obi wan was away from the others for the entirety of that mission, so I decided to create a contrast between those two threads using these colours. It is very beneficial though, that it has given you this feeling because this is very inspirational. I have been heavily influenced to do this project by this youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9j7kLG7VK8 and have been wondering how I would craft my project with a mind to potentially using flashbacks. I could most certainly consider using flashbacks to mustafar somewhere around this scene. It would help a lot, since I had previously considered using sections of scene 38 reimagined, but had to abandon that because the colour depth is not available in their footage for me to grade it properly to match my work.