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a new hope, adding visual effects, emotion and more character (a WIP)
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29-Apr-2021, 6:07 AM

I managed to get some of the Yavin stuff to load and I like the more tropical feel it gives off. The light skies and dark forest also look like there’s an imminent storm which is a good metaphor.

The lighting in the Laars’ garage may be a bit too dark. I always thought it was too dark compared to AotC in ANH anyway and I never even noticed the skyhopper because of the lighting, but it looks a little creepy with 3P0 as a main light source. (the nighttime scenes, not the daylight ones where he’s playing with the toy).

Most of the Death Star is a matte grey or a blue tinted grey but the scenes of Obi and Vader getting ready for their duel have a redish tint. Is that a Musterfar callback?