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Happy Star Wars Day
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28-Apr-2021, 7:02 PM
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4-May-2021, 7:04 PM
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Rodney-2187 said:

oojason said:

Indeed - I’ll be using the 4th May to think up ways of how to celebrate Star Wars Day… the 25th May 😉

You should 😃

I choose not to - especially given how the ‘4th May pun becoming a Star Wars day’ thing came about. For many of us in the UK there is nothing to celebrate there. Though fair play to those that do.

Seems the ‘4th May’ thing has become a pun / thing to sell more tat for some - rather than celebrate Star Wars itself (something which Disney / Lucasfilm already does very well at - see Lucasfilm’s 50th anniversary so far for selling tat rather than celebrating the rich history of 50 years in film & tv etc) - just my personal opinion.

There are obvious reasons why Lucasfilm get a little jittery and selective when discussing the history of Star Wars - as the first three OT films in their original form which underpin the whole of the GFFA… haven’t available to watch and experience for over 25 years now… (intentional substandard bonus DVD disc release in 2006, apart). That it is easier and more beneficial for them to market such anniversaries / dates as exercises in selling new or discounted merch - rather than celebrate and highlight how they made the films… which brings the focus back around to the many changes made to them over time; and many of the original scenes no longer being available to view and enjoy (not forgetting the effort, skill & craftsmanship that went into them).

Some fans will likely prefer to celebrate the 25th May instead - for various reasons - which has been the case for many a fan on here over the years.

Though as above, fair play to those celebrate both dates.