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Highest quality version of 1997 Special Editions? Is there a DVD release?
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28-Apr-2021, 6:04 PM
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28-Apr-2021, 6:09 PM
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doubleofive said:

Original#Fan1 said:

Lucas the Barbarian said:

Original#Fan1 said:

YES! they did have a high quality version that was out on dvd and vhs i had the dvd versions with both original and the new digitally made versions on each disc in the early 2000s and subsiquently then I lost them in storage place oh boy was I angry and now i cant get them back. Does anyone have any copies of those original digital home releases out here?

Are you sure it wasn’t a bootleg? Unless you’re talking about the 2004 Special Editions which have even more changes than the 1997 versions. Because there WERE bootleg DVDs of the 1997 SE’s that existed before Lucasfilm released them officially. The actual 1997 versions were never officially released on DVD.

You know you mos.likely correct cause I did buy them for myself in the 2000s at a Best Buy home electronics store here in America but the dvds did have both versions of the trilogy on each dvd though. Sure wish I had the dvds these days it would surely help in deciding which version I liked best even though I didnt really like the add with digital versions as long as I came with TESB original version on it My Favorite of the original theatrical trilogy version.

You’re talking about the Limited Edition 2006 DVD release. If you look hard enough you can find copies of them for sale for a decent price. Last weekend, I found Empire at a used video store in my area for $3!

Yes probably correct. I know what you about finding amazing deals on old great videos I once find AKIRA the anime at an old comic shop. maybe I can find the trilogy at place like that?