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28-Apr-2021, 9:45 AM
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TestingOutTheTest said:

Oh, God… hope I can go through this and explain why I feel you, alongside everyone else, even the most loyal defenders of TLJ (also coming from a TLJ defender, unironically), miss the point of TRoS and why your guys’ arguments are invalid.

TestingOutTheTest said:

Then why do people defend movies in the first place, including TLJ? The Internet is a digital battlefield. We’re all trying to convince each other that X is good or bad, we defend movies we like or criticize movies we hate. TLJ defenders, for example, try to convince TLJ haters that their criticisms are wrong and filled with ignorance, to snap them out of their ignorance and see the light.

Anyone is free to discuss the merits or shortcomings of the official releases of the films in the various threads in the Star Wars section.

In the ‘Fan Projects’ section of the site… members show the people who’ve made projects here civility and some semblance of respect. This is not some sort of ‘digital battlefield’ - far from it.

Should you want to question why a project creator has made a certain choice, decision or path… go right ahead - many on here will engage in discourse with you - or even suggesting ideas for improvements and so forth; though as above… do it with civility, some semblance of respect, and politeness.

If you don’t like what a project creator has done on here - feel free to find another project more akin to your taste - or try attempting your own.

People who insult project creators or make derogatory comments about their project choices don’t last long on here.

I suggest you take note of Cadavra’s polite reply post to you.