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A Palpatine-less Edit of The Rise of Skywalker (Released)
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28-Apr-2021, 8:07 AM

I got it this time. Thanks.

I think the whole time 'You’re nothing, but not to me" has been misread. He isn’t saying you’re nothing as in “pfft, 'you’re nothing!” But more as in, he’s someone who supposedly has everything. He’s literally from two different lineages of royalty. A prince of Naboo, and a prince of Alderaan. His mother is the famous General Leia Organa-Solo. His father General Han Solo. His Uncle Master Jedi Luke Skywalker. He is currently the galaxy’s most powerful known Force wielder. There are all of the expectations on him. So he is “everything.” And it means nothing to everyone. He has felt abandoned, alone and unloved his whole life. That is what he meant by that line. She is an orphan, with no name (hah!) that no one knows about with no expectations. He (in a very bad way) was saying he didn’t care about that. Even though she didn’t have a name or any of the lofty background credentials that he did, she still was super important to him. Kylo/Ben had been with Snoke since his mid-teens had been emotionally abused by him. That is the only way he knew how to express affection, caring, love.

But, anyway. Yeah.

I do have the link now. YAY! Thank you! 😄