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A Palpatine-less Edit of The Rise of Skywalker (Released)
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27-Apr-2021, 9:54 PM
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27-Apr-2021, 9:58 PM
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joshuabri said:

Link sent. I don’t think I was ever trying to add Kylo to the Tattooine ending. I’m not a fan of implying an abuser/abusee relationship became healthy. If it was clear he was there to help train the next generation of Jedi though…

Ah, see I never thought their relationship abuser/abusee and find that take – that is so prevalent – something I’ve never understood. (I can go on about it, and did originally, but figured this isn’t the place for it.)

Regardless, someone had suggested that shot of him helping to atone for his sins in the thread which is why I mentioned it.

Thank you for the link. (Actually, erm, I can’t find it! Wah!) I really do look forward to watching this. I’m going to try this weekend. 😃