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Nostalgia Critic: Remastered (on hiatus)
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26-Apr-2021, 9:22 PM
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10-Jun-2021, 5:14 PM
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In 2018, the member BlueCopy remastered and upscaled the Mr. Plinkett Reviews by RedLetterMedia. I was amazed by the idea. So I decided to start my own project. I would remaster and upscale the Nostalgia Critic reviews in a similar fashion. This needs to be done as the first three seasons are in 480p and are plagued by interlacing artifacts and other similar problems. Also, due to the YouTube copyright system, many episodes have muted or changed audio and missing scenes that will need to be added back in. When I am done with the project, please PM me for a link. However, this is a very big project so it might take a while.