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Discussion: Little Men, Little Wars - Share Your Star Wars Collection
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24-Apr-2021, 8:00 PM

jidaigekijunkie said:

Some amazing stuff here and some very talented painters. Really wish I could find a good way to learn how to paint models. I’ve built some Bandai anime kits of stuff like Votoms, Gundam and Mazinkaiser but they’ve all been pre-painted. I’d love to be able to find a cheap but cool model kit to practice on that’s not too difficult for beginners. I worry about spending too much money and then screwing it up!

Canofhumdingers: I love your Godzilla collection man, big fan of the big G myself. Got the criterion set of Showa movies for my 40th birthday earlier this year.

Awesome! I can never decide if I’m a bigger fan of Star Wars or Godzilla. Thankfully I don’t actually have to choose!

I wish I could take credit for that Han Solo blaster, but it wasn’t me.

As for painting, YouTube is an absolute treasure trove! I learned basic painting skills in high school and college art classes, but I’ve learned just as much from watching YouTube videos. And the best thing I’d say is to watch as wide a variety as possible. There are so many great tips and techniques out there from so many different disciplines. I personally like to built sci-fi, creature, and airplane models, as well as custom paint action figures. But in addition to videos specifically on those subjects, I’ve also found it useful to watch ANY model building or painting videos (cars, model railroad landscaping, scratch building, etc.) as well as other instructional art videos about painting (especially ones that explain how to use different types of paint like oils, acrylics, and so on), air brushing, sculpting, and on and on. The more skills you can add to your personal “toolbox” the better!