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The Phantom Menace: Altered and Extended Edition (Completed and Released)
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24-Apr-2021, 3:29 PM
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1-Jun-2021, 12:50 PM
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Out of all the prequels I found this the hardest to make better, simply because unless I completely re-dubbed both Jar Jar and Anakin, they have key lines at certain point that need to stay in, but their characters are nonetheless still cringey. I really just had to eliminate the worst of the worst when it came to those too, without cutting down the movie too much and drastically shortening the runtime. Overall this is a relatively conservative edit of the Phantom Menace, with deleted scenes being added in to beef up the runtime and account for the time lost because of cut footage. Below are the bulk of changes made:

  • Cut some of the battle droid lines such as “uh oh” or “Uh…”
  • Tone down Jar Jar whenever possible, but not in a way that interrupts the flow of the film.
  • Remove as much of young Anakin’s bad dialogue or “kiddy” comments when possible, with the goal to make him more mature.
  • Get rid of Boss Nass’s weird mouth-shaking.
  • Possibly put in some footage of Darth Maul training from the Darth Maul fan film.
  • Get rid of the other Tatooine children talking about Anakin’s pod racer.
  • Expand the pod race sequence.
  • Put deleted scenes back in, trimming some of them.
  • Maybe get rid of any reference of midi-chlorians, would only keep them because “M-count” is mentioned in the Mandalorian.
  • Remove Padme’s line “without the viceroy they will be lost and confused.” This line makes little sense, she should want to capture the viceroy so he’s held accountable for his crimes, the droid control ship is what actually controls the droids.
  • Try to make Anakin piloting the Naboo starfighter as believable as possible, removing any lines like “oops” or any of his screams, in order to make it look like he actually knows what he’s doing and doesn’t just destroy the droid control ship by dumb luck.
  • Slightly restructure the final battle.
  • Get rid of any Jar Jar antics during the final battle.