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The Original Trilogy box set releases on home video tape: 1988 to 2000…
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23-Apr-2021, 8:55 PM
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Mexico (Spanish)


There does not appear to have been an Original Trilogy box set release on home video before 1995 in Mexico - though if anyone knows differently please post up some images and information - thank you.


1995 - Betamax


An Original Trilogy box set release for Betamax in Mexico…

^ the above images were taken from this online advert for ‘Trilogía La Guerra De Las Galaxias’:-


Although the video below is not a box set release - it does contain relevant info for the 3 OT films being released on Beta in 1995…

From the Star Wars Home Video Library #390​: 1995 Mexican Beta Original Trilogy(with the John Alvin artwork):- - a 6 minute video at the Nathan Butler youtube channel.




1995 - VHS