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Your ideal Star Wars Sequel Trilogy
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22-Apr-2021, 10:47 PM

The Jedi Killer is the Villain he is not related to the Skywalkers he is the secret apprentice of Darth Vader he use a similar mask like him, some people believe that he is Vader lost son and brother of Luke and Leia,Luke have a New Jedi Order in Yavin 4 his teachings are the same like Prequel Jedi he is not married and dont have children, Han Solo and Leia have a son and his name is Anakin Solo and he is blonde like Luke and he is a Jedi Padawan, The Jedi Killer is preparing a full scale war against the New Republic with the help of the Hutts and Empire fanatics and loyalists his endgame is to resurrect Palpatine and Vader with Plagueis teachings in Episode VIII The Jedi Killer kills Luke and Anakin Solo become a Jedi Knight in Episode IX Anakin Solo is now the new hero he defeats the Jedi Killer in a duel in Coruscant Han Solo and Chewbacca dies in the battle of Coruscant in the end Anakin replace Luke and become the grandmaster of the New Jedi Order the New Republic becomes a new government the Jedi Killer true identity is that he was a Luke Clone Vader wanted to resurrect Padme but Cloned Luke better after their duel in Episode V