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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Redux Ideas thread
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22-Apr-2021, 11:37 AM

ThisIsCreation said:

I have reached a point where I genuinely dont have it in me to want a different version of TROS. TLJ is incredibly layered, and adds some nuance to star wars, then TROS comes in and we got a goofy adventure.

But I’m not mad over it, this was the same in the original trilogy, ESB is incredible and fantastically layered, and then ROTJ comes in and all sense of tension no longer exists lol. But that’s star wars and I love it all.

I am delighted with the way Hal’s next cut is turning out, I’m excited to watch it and look at it as the definitive cut for the trilogy.

Star wars is a mess, but it’s a lovable mess.

Totally agree. I constantly flip back and forth in my mind if I even want to continue working on my edit, because over time I’ve accepted the movie much more and more and make less and less edits. But for now I just see the edit as a stepping stone to eventually fully liking and being okay with the movie lol. It’ll definitely go the route of the prequels eventually. The plot and characters will be cleaned up by EU content, bad dialogue will become loved for being unintentionally funny, and there will be new content people will hate instead.

So I’m constantly like “Do I even need to do this edit…? I’m pretty okay with the movie at this point” but then immediately remember how much stuff like the color correction, Force ghosts, etc improve the movie for me. So my aim with my edit is to just enhance the movie thats already there without actually changing/removing anything, just adding on or making filmmaking fixes, which is why I’ve been calling it “TROS: Enhanced” in my head.