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Anakin Starkiller
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Your ideal Star Wars Sequel Trilogy
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21-Apr-2021, 12:05 PM
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Anakin Starkiller
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Much of the broad strokes would be the same but the execution would be far more…indulgent in my style.

There’d be no nostalgic iconography everywhere. The First Order would likely use the Guavian design for its troopers. Hell, Sidon Ithano could be Phasma. The Resistance also gain a more iconic trooper design, and would also ditch the orange jumpsuits for pilots. X-wings and TIE fighters are nowhere to be seen. Jakku is Tatooine, while other planets are given more iconic designs. Some might even be swapped out with worlds from other material like Christophsis, Lothal, Scarif, or Teth. The only planet left exactly as is is Crait. The music could use some work too. More original themes and less Binary Sunset over and over again.

There’d be no Snoke. Just use Palpatine, or if we need someone else then Darth Krayt. The last film would end with the Battle of Coruscant and Ben and Rey fighting zombie mecha Palpatine in the Sith Temple deep below Coruscant’s Jedi Temple. To me Palpatine being the villain is non-negotiable as he’s what ties the Saga together. People can say that ruins the originals but to me it’s seeing the bigger picture. I don’t care about altering earlier installments if it means the cohesion of the whole of the story. The finality of RotJ doesn’t make sense in my nine film paradigm. It’s a trilogy of trilogies, so we need the villain alive 'til the end.

Probably the biggest change would be the number of Force users. The insistence on sticking to only two lightsaber wielders to mimic the OT is insulting. Rather than a Second Jedi Purge, there is a sort of Jedi civil war. On one side are Luke’s light side loyalists and on the other the Knights of Ren. Thus we end up with about a dozen different lightsaber users. It’s a small enough amount for us to become somewhat familiar with them without making them all important characters. They’d have roles akin to the Dwarves in The Hobbit. Darth Talon would be one of the Knights of Ren. There’d be a big battle between the two groups on Ach-To during the second film.

The politics would be clarified within the first film. The Republic is in a proxy war between the Resistance and the First Order. Poe never fake dies in TFA. He’s on Jakku with Finn and Rey. The last film is far more mystical and esoteric. It deals with stuff like the Whills and Mortis. Oh and stormtrooper rebellion, Starkiller Base is swapped out for a dreadnought and Rey Nobody. That goes without saying.

The Force Awakens and The Rise of Skywalker have the same titles, but The Last Jedi is swapped out for something that doesn’t reuse a non-negligible word from a previous title. It should be something that “rhymes” with Attack of the Clones and The Empire Strikes Back. I guess March of the First Order or something but idk, that sounds kinda weak. I’m sure there’s a better alternative.

Kylo as supreme leader is unhinged, and Hux - instead of staying a joke character after TLJ - would be so dissatisfied with his leadership that he contacts the Sith Eternal to resurrect Palpatine through a clone body. When this is revealed, the First Order splits into two factions, Hux’s faction being led by Palpatine and the smaller group loyal to Kylo Ren

Lol, this is the spitting image of my TRoS rewrite pitch.

-Feel free to ditch the trilogy format if necessary. If the plot makes more sense with only an Episode 7 and 8, go with it. If the plot needs 4 or 5 movies to tell, go with it.

-The conflict of the entire Star Wars saga ends here. There can more sagas, other sagas, but this saga ends here. And with good finality.

Those to me are contradictory.

Instead of striving for a shared universe like Marvel and DC, just let various series and movies be independent of each other.

That pretty much is what DC’s doing now.