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Anakin Starkiller
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Idea: OT Edits to Fit the PT and/or the Larger Saga (A Resource Thread, Hopefully)
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19-Apr-2021, 1:12 AM

But that’s getting a little off-track, since this is the OT edits to fit the PT and ST thread, not the PT and ST edits to fit the OT thread.

I feel like fitting any trilogy with any other ought to be allowed here, no? Then again, that might end overshadowing the OT edit ideas.

That would be awesome, along with changing the ESB crawl to “Sith Lord” where it currently reads “evil lord”.

I never noticed it said that! That’s such an obvious change to make, how come this is the first I’ve heard of anyone suggesting it?

I’d hope that single word could be tracked, masked out, and replaced seamlessly rather than recreating the entire crawl. Each of the OT’s crawls feel unique, especially ESB.

Call me a revisionist, but I prefer consistency, i.e. all crawls being formatted identically.