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The Phantom Menace - Expanded Edition (In Progress)
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18-Apr-2021, 5:28 AM

The way you’ve inserted it still works well besides the weird red tint it has (I don’t know why it has that considering the senate is blue and grey lit) and it works quite well considering the general level of CGI in TMP anyway.

TMP has a lot of instances of things that don’t particularly match the following two films (as well as being 10 years earlier) so another Senator from Alderan is no more out of place than the Jedi Council which is only about 50% carried over into AotC. Also, the Representative in the background with the hair buns and white dress is a nice nod to the OT whereas the look of Alderan in the rest of the PT is quite different.

Out of all the changes made to the PT the audio change from ‘Vote Now’ to ‘Incoherent Yells’ is the most bizarre and baffling.