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Unpopular Opinion Thread
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17-Apr-2021, 9:58 AM

JadedSkywalker said:

Some of them are really dumb like Obi Wan’s teacher not being Yoda. And Leia’s mom dying before she was a little girl on Alderaan.

Other ones can be chalked up to Obi Wan lying or exaggerating or not remembering things. Like saying he never owned a droid, or that Anakin wanted Luke to have the saber when he was old enough. Or that Anakin was a great starpilot and a cunning warrior and a good friend. What was he supposed to do tell him yeah i cut off all your dad’s limbs when he went to the dark side and he is Darth Vader by the way, and your dad also killed your mom and used this saber to cut down a bunch of younglings. I’m sure Luke would have been up to joining Obi Wan on an adventure then.

The most problematic for me are what Obi-Wan tells Luke in ANH and Yoda not being Obi-Wan’s teacher.

Anakin being a great starpilot/cunning warrior/good friend I feel is shown in the PT. But Luke’s father wanting him to have his lightsaber, Owen not wanting him to join Obi-Wan and get involved etc, I just can’t chalked it up to Obi-Wan lying. You just know watching the movie that the original backstory was different and no amount of retcon like “he’s lying” works for me.

It’s even more frustrating because they would have been easily fixable in my opinion. Add a couple of lines from Owen in AOTC showing he wants Anakin to stay on the farm now that he is back on Tatooine. Have Anakin say to Obi-Wan somewhere in AOTC or ROTS that he would like to have kids one day and for them to be Jedi, etc…
As for Yoda being Obi-Wan’s master, it’s as easily fixable without altering the movies that much. Just have Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon both be Yoda’s students in TPM with Qui-Gon having the big brother role to Obi-Wan without being his actual master, just his older fellow student. Or they could have just emphasize the fact that Yoda teaches all younglings before they are assigned on a master/Padawan relationship.

The Padmé/Leia one doesn’t bother me as much because for some reason the excuse “it’s the Force” almost works for me. I just wish in the movie Padmé would hold Leia in her arms for a few moments or something. That way the “Force” explanation would be a bit more reasonable.