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Bobson Dugnutt
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The Phantom Menace - Expanded Edition (In Progress)
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16-Apr-2021, 1:39 AM


Another addition to my own Expanded Series of films, as I tackle the first of the Prequel films.

  • Added the Gungan bongo about to go over a waterfall as the Jedi and Jar Jar escape
  • Added Anakin, Padme and the droids looking over the Pod the morning of the race
  • Extended version of the pre-podrace grid sequence, an extra line from Watto sourced from the Theatrical Cut is also added
  • Extended Podrace Lap 2 (this needs a bit of work combining the Blu-Ray/DVD Extended versions)
  • Added Anakin having scuffle with a Rodian that is refered to as “Greedo” (although I’d like to avoid that personally with new subtitles)
  • Added Anakin visiting Jira before leaving Tatooine, as Maul’s probe droid watches them, explaining them running in the final film
  • Added alternate shot of Palpatine’s office from the Theatrical Cut
  • Added a few extra shots of the Maul fight in the Theed Generator

There’s still a few additional shots of the Naboo fighters I haven’t had the chance to look at how they’d fit in, including the spinning fighter. If there is anything else I have forgotten, please do let me know.

Scenes to be included in a workprint

  • Added 2 droids seeing the Jedi arriving on the Trade Federation ship, commenting on their importance
  • Extended version of the Podrace wager between Watto and Qui-Gon
  • Extended duel with Maul and Qui-Gon on Tatooine
  • Added alternate version of Padme and Panaka telling the Nemodians they’ll have to explain this to the Senate (now in the Throne Room during the climax)
  • Added Ric Ollie in the hanger questing the pilot who blew up the Trade-Fed ship, as Anakin lands

The only thing I don’t think I’d include in a workprint is the Bail Antillies/Organa scene since it confuses things a little with Jimmy Smits.

Current runtime is 2:22:36 compared to the Blu-Ray’s 2:16:11. I still need to look over the Extended DVD Lap 2 compared to the Blu-Ray and work on combining them in someway as it’s a big mess of what goes where. So the runtime will probably be longer by a minute or 2.



Here’s the extra Duel shots, taken from the Deleted Scenes documentary on the DVD and upscaled to HD. The score used is not final as I can’t quite get the right section of the track to line up, as well as the Lightsaber SFX not being there.