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Zack Snyder's Justice League: Redux Ideas thread
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15-Apr-2021, 5:16 PM
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15-Apr-2021, 5:22 PM
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If I were to edit this movie, here’s what I would do:

Letterbox to 1.77 (the size of widescreen televisions)
Tilt and scan as necessary
Remove the chapters
Tighten up pacing throughout
Slightly lower Batman’s voice in a few scenes
Slim down Batman in some closeups where he was a tad chunky
Cut intro part with Lex standing in water
Cut close-ups during intro underwater sequence
Opening scene (after Superman’s epic scream) is the battle in Themyscira for the first mother box, continuous, epic and without interruption
Move Lois mourning to just after the battle of Themyscira
Move some later brief shots of Lois mourning to earlier
Cut the pub guy saying Aquaman is make-believe
Cut Aquaman hoisting Bruce up against the pub wall and grunting
Cut Aquaman’s “diggin’ into my business” remark to Bruce; he just says he wants to be left alone
Cut the self-loathing Aquaman music montage with him drinking whiskey and the underwater scene that follows
Cut the scene where Bruce is a mechanic flirting with Diana
Cut the Lord of the Rings-esque barbarian war flashback (keeping Diana’s brief expository explanation afterward)
Cut the Barry visits his father in prison subplot
Cut the merman saying his people have guarded the mother box for thousands of years
Reduce the extensive Cyborg backstory, but so we still have some context of his mother
Cut the exchange between Diana and Alfred ending in the remark about a black lasso
Reduce or cut Diana trying to recruit Cyborg
Aquaman does not show up to defend the underwater motherbox
Aquaman does not accuse Cyborg of being a spy
Remove or trim Martha’s visit to Lois, and remove Martian Manhunter afterward
The league doesn’t debate about using the motherbox to resurrect Superman, no weird expository about the motherboxes being afraid of Superman
No vision of the future disaster to Cyborg
Wonder Woman doesn’t say “Kal-El no!” before he fights them
Batman doesn’t tell the soldier to get up and go take cover (these words magically healed the soldier?!)
Cut the Flash/Aquaman comedy routine after the fight with Superman
Cut Cyborg’s lines about his father not trying to destroy the motherbox and Batman’s line about marking the motherbox (the heat signature just resulted from the failure to destroy it).
In the Batcave, Wonder Woman doesn’t warn victor he could die
Change the music for Superman’s flight
Make music louder when Batman attacks Steppenwolf’s base
Tone down the final battle, slo-mo, Aquaman riding on the Batmobile
Change music during the final battle to something else, anything would be better
Trim Wonder Woman smiling before she fights Steppenwolf
End with Clark Kent opening his shirt to save the day with the black suit underneath
Move Lex scene with Deathstroke to after credits bonus