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15-Apr-2021, 2:02 PM
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Rogue One does have that lived in look. That quintessential star wars look that hasn’t been seen since Star Wars and Empire.

In terms of production design its the most Star Wars anything in looks since Empire.

It looks and feels like Star Wars, which the prequels never did.

The sequels also are of the same flavor, but not the same design of the OT, or at least close enough. They also feel like Star Wars even if they are too shiny and modern looking movies.

I feel like the prequels were from a rusty creator who came back 16 years later to not add to but recreate Star Wars. And i feel the same about the Special Edition, its like spray painting over a masterwork.

I did like Qui Gon though, and i like the idea of the living force and that there might be something more than the narrow view of the Jedi, its also kind of a Zen like idea, and i liked that aspect about Last Jedi, where Luke explains how wide the force is and how it touches all life. And how the Jedi are not its masters.