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Chase Adams
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Unpopular Opinion Thread
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15-Apr-2021, 10:49 AM

emanswfan said:

I like having a wide variety of genres within future Star Wars projects instead of everything feeling like classic Star Wars.

I’m bumping this opinion since it’s sorta topical and has been bouncing around in my mind for a while now.
I feel like this isn’t talked about enough, but the more Star Wars films and TV shows Lucasfilm makes, the more often they’re going to be finding themselves treading the same ground. (Sometimes literally! 😉) I’ve heard some people complain about some of the recently announced, upcoming instalments being too ‘genre-specific’ like for example, Andor being described as a spy-thriller whilst The Acolyte sounding like a creepy, mystery series.

In my opinion, this is exactly what the franchise needs to remain a pop-culture staple. I know people hate the idea of Star Wars turning into the MCU, but if Lucasfilm really wants to keep making new things, it can’t just continue being, as emanswfan describes it, ‘classic Star Wars’

Star Wars has long evolved from being just a series of films, it’s now the name of a multi-media franchise, so why does everything have to be those same few films retold again and again? Honestly, go nuts Lucasfilm, I wanna see whatever random-ass story you can imagine just told in the Star Wars setting with the Star Wars name. Sounds crazy, but this is the unpopular opinion thread.