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What do you LIKE about the EU?
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14-Apr-2021, 10:40 PM
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Ebay. It was a over a hundred dollars as you said astronomically high. I feel like a fool but i i’ve wanted them since the 1990s and i never bought them when i could find them for cheaper.

Still not as much as buying Star Wars number 1 and all of Marvel Star Wars before online sales, i had to go all over to many comic shops to find first printings.


I’m really disappointed in the Marvel Epic Collection Dark Empire, the paper is terrible the thickness of the book won’t allow it to lie flat, looks like they printed a digital comic or file and its horribly over bright.

I should’ve stuck to collecting the printings of Dark Horse first editions. Now its too late to cancel the Boba Fett reprinting i also purchased, and i’m sure it will have the same horrible magazine paper. Which isn’t right for a trade edition of a book, nor is the lack of a decent cardstock for the cover. If Marvel thinks this is acceptable they’ve truly gone done hill. It looks like a bargain edition except at 40 dollars msrp for volume its anything but.

Edit: the Boba Fett Enemy of the Empire reprinting is fantastic and on high quality paper, so i have no idea what happened to Dark Empire.