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Info: Guide for Working with 4K HDR Blu-ray Rips in SDR
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14-Apr-2021, 8:33 PM
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14-Apr-2021, 8:35 PM
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krausfadr said:

44rh1n, I’ve successfully finished a 4K edit in Resolve using Dolby Vision and adding additional color correction. When I export the project, for example to an HEVC mp4, the final result looks beautiful. Note: the project settings are just as you specify (also the output is of course REC 709).

Here’s my question: when playing on a TV the HDR notification icon comes up signaling that this is HDR content. This this is just a flagging issue and this is fully an SDR export, correct?

Good question. How did you export it? Did you use instructions in step 8?

“8). Lastly, go to the delivery page and set whatever export settings you desire (again, I always recommend ProRes, but the settings you would pick depend on your needs). ***Then go to Advanced Settings, and change the Tone Mapping to Dolby Vision. Ensure the selected option under Dolby Vision is “100-nit, BT.709, BT.1886, Full.” Once you’ve got all your export settings enabled and you’ve selected the Dolby Vision tonemapping, you can add the export to your Render Queue and export it out.”

If you followed those instructions and still have an issue, then you may additionally need to go to “Advanced Settings” on the delivery page, and set the “Color Space Tag” to Rec.709 and the “Gamma Tag” to Gamma 2.4.

If you just export out on HEVC without using the 100-nit trim, then it will export the HDR version. However, it likely won’t be a great HDR grade if you didn’t do it with a proper HDR monitor.