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Ed Slushie
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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Redux Ideas thread
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13-Apr-2021, 9:18 PM

This started as more of a rewrite idea, but it’s theoretically possible to do this with editing (and also this thread has way more traffic than the rewrite ideas thread), so I’m posting it here:
One of the main ideas that a lot of fan edits are seeking to expand is the way Luke Skywalker’s sacrifice inspired the galaxy to rise up against the First Order, but that kind of raises the question as to how they know about it. So what if… the First Order broadcast the Battle of Crait? We take footage of Luke getting blasted by a hundred AT-M6’s at once, put some filters on it to make it look like it’s playing on a screen, and then add as many shots as we can of people throughout the galaxy reacting to it. Then, as the dust clears, we see the silhouette of Luke still there, and just as his face becomes visible, the video cuts out and we see the viewers react in shock and awe.