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A few reviews . . (film or TV)
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13-Apr-2021, 1:21 PM

Shin Shinobi No Mono (3) - 1963 - 7/10
AKA - 新忍びの者

Although not the final film in the series, this is the final of the Goermon trilogy.
By far, this is the most compelling, packed with intrigue, questionable history, and stealthy action.
Here, Goemon continues to be driven by vengeance for the murder of his wife and child.
There is no “magic” in the trilogy, yet the production values are first rate, and the characters - if you can keep up with them - are well defined and absorbing.
Furthermore, Raizo Ichikawa’s character grows from brash, talented warrior to a thoughtful, if cynical veteran.
Viewers steeped in Japanese jidaigeki cinema, can discern the transition of Ichikawa’s Goemon into Nemuri.
An outstanding introduction to chambara.