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In defense of Rey Palpatine in The Rise of Skywalker, and why I do not think it undermines her arc in The Last Jedi.
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13-Apr-2021, 8:38 AM

stealing the Skywalker name

What’s up with this idea? The ending scene of TROS clearly indicates she has chosen that name with Luke and Leia’s blessing. She hesitates and looks at their ghosts, who are smiling at her, before she says it. It’s not “without their say in the matter”. It’s essentially a post-mortem adoption, if you have to label it. Did Leia “steal” the name Organa? Sure, it’s silly fan service, but it’s not le evil Palpatine woman stealing God Emperor Luke’s holy surname.

Characterising Rey’s behaviour in TLJ in the way you did is also twisting it to the point of parody - you’d have to be completely closed off to what the movie is doing with Rey and Luke’s dynamic for you to think Rey is the one at fault on Ahch-To. “Stole his books”? You mean the ones he was planning to burn? And yes, Rey finding inner peace and acceptance is the main thrust of her journey. Internal emotional development is just as valid as like, levelling up her force powers to throw bigger rocks and pull Star Destroyers out of the sky!!!, or whatever.

TROS is a rough enough movie without people reading these weirdly malicious ideas into it.