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screams in the void
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2006 GOUT : The changes to the OT films & general 2006 GOUT DVD discussion thread
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12-Apr-2021, 2:15 PM
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Ri~Lei said:

screams in the void said:

I just popped my GOUT copy of Star Wars 77 into my blu ray player and displayed it on my 55 inch lcd flatscreen the other day . First time in a very long time that I have watched it ,and it looked atrocious on that . Hell , my letterbox 1992 VHS looks better on that tv . ( I tried it right after ) . The GOUT is a grainy mess in comparison . I also messed around with the settings on my tv and displayed each in both 4x3 for proper proportions ,and in zoom mode .I will have to take a look at these on my crt’s later to see if they look better .Looking back at some of the links at the top of this thread , I do think Mike Verta was right in his belief that there was artificial grain applied to this release to make it look sub standard .Also , when this release came out , a lot of people were saying these looked better than the laser disc preservations that were being made at the time .Is that due to the displays they were being watched on at the time ? A lot of people still had crt’s back then . Granted , the dvd image may be sharper , but I will take the softer look of VHS or Laserdisc over this grainy image any time . I did watch my 92 VHS letterbox copy on my 30 inch widescreen Samsung Slimfit HD CRT recently , and that looked spectacular and crisp and vibrant on it ,though the colors did not “pop” like on the 95 faces VHS , but it looked more like I remember it looking in the theater originally .I go back and fourth sometimes , but I now think this is my ideal way to watch it out of all the media formats I own . I will definitely have to see how the GOUT looks on that crt .

Greetings ScreamsfromtheVoid, just to ask, were you ever capable of testing those G.O.U.T. discs upon that aforementioned HD CRT screen; if so, did they fare samewise or worse than the letter-boxed VHS-cassettes?


Hi , thanks for asking , I did finally get around to checking it out , the GOUT dvd did look a lot sharper on my widescreen crt , and the grain was a lot less noticeable , but still there ,in the scenes on the blockade runner and when the droids arrive on Tatooine , but looks like more natural film grain here . The colors were more vibrant , as the GOUT is the 93 laserdisc transfer , as is the source of the 95 vhs faces set ( Though I am still not sure why the blue tie fighter lasers show up on TESB on the vhs and not the GOUT) . I prefer the colors of my letterbox 92 VHS over the 93 and subsequent versions . On the GOUT , playing on my widscreen crt , the colors are amped up a bit too much for my tastes in places , the skin tones appear a bit too orangeish and I noticed in the droid sale scenes , the blue on the legs of R5-D4 are an almost neon blue . I adjusted the tv settings to movie mode and it toned these issues down a little , it helped , but they were still noticeable . Another nice thing about the tv , is it has different widescreen modes , normal , panorama , wide and zoom . I have it set to wide and there is no window boxing on the image and no one looks stretched out like " taffy vision " . I did not notice picture info lost on the sides either . The sound on this tv is phenomenal , with deep bass and the black levels are fantastic . I love this tv and hope it keeps working , though it has developed a few problems in recent years , And I think it may be due to being moved around too much. There is slight phosphor burn in on the upper right hand corner of the screen and a noticeable buzzing noise an it recently started making a continuous ticking sound like an old clock .Probably needs new capacitors , but beyond my scope of knowledge to fix .Overall , even though the 92 letterbox vhs has a softer image , it still looks pretty crisp on this tv and I prefer it over the GOUT on this tv or any other tv .This is the Samsung Slimfit Widescreen HD CRT that I have… I would love to get a laserdisc player and the 89 widescreen disc an try it out n this tv .