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Removing Han, Leia, Lando, Palpatine, and (most of) Luke Fixes the Sequels (3-in-1 WIP)
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11-Apr-2021, 3:04 PM

Peregrine said:

Sounds cool! It would be nice to see a written outline of the plot if you have one.

I’ll end up editing my post but here it goes.


  • Snoke berates Kylo Ren for having not killing all of the Jedi in a second Jedi Purge as padawan Rey Solo made it out alive. Snoke "The seed of the Jedi lives in her, as long as it does, hope lives in the galaxy.
  • As Kylo has his stitches taken out, he replays the slaughter and his fight against Rey in his head. Rey loses her saber.
  • Rey briefly watches the Jedi temple burn


  • New scroll explains: the rise of the First Order, Starkiller Base located on Exogal, Generals Poe and Chewbacca starting a resistance behind enemy lines, Poe off to meet with a First Oder defector on Tatooine, and that Kylo was Rey’s lover and she’s now looking for the secret journal of Luke Skywalker to help her restart the Jedi Order
  • Poe arrives on Tatooine and retrieves some plans. This sequence is nearly identical to the beginning of TFA minus anything that relates to Ben Solo
  • Rey Solo arrives on Tatooine on the Millennium Falcon, landing just outside Niima outpost
  • Kylo gets the location of where the plans are hidden from Poe
  • Rey rents a speeder and travels out to the Skywalker homestead where she digs up Luke’s journal. She’s interrupted by a sound and finds BB8 being captured by a junk trader
  • Finn helps Poe escape
  • Finn makes it to Niima outpost where he bumps into Rey and they’re attacked by the First Order. They take the Millennium Falcon and escape Tatooine
  • Kylo receives the report that the droid escaped with Finn’s help… “What girl?” takes on a more ominous feel
  • Kylo and Hux talk to Snoke. Snoke says the droid is in the hands of Kylo’s lover, Rey Solo. Kylo: “she means nothing to me.”
  • They arrive on D’Qar where Finn reunites with Poe. Rey is called to a nearby Jedi temple where she finds a lightsaber and trains.
  • Rey then goes through Luke’s journal, passing by an image of a wayfinder
  • Threepio informs General Poe that the data is encrypted. He informs the resistance that they haven’t decrypted the information yet, but they know that the first order is building something on a world called Exogal. Rey recognizes that name from Luke’s journal and says she’ll find the wayfinder that leads to Exogal, starting where Luke’s trail went cold. Chewbacca goes with her (but not R2).
  • Meanwhile, Kylo meets with Snoke again. Snoke says there’s been an awakening and if he’s felt it. He responds with “Yes, she’ll never be a Jedi. I can turn her to the dark side.” Snoke: “If what you say about this girl is true, bring her to me.” Kylo knows what she needs and grabs the wayfinder from a First Order depot and uses it to travel to Starkiller Base on Exogal
  • Rey travels to Ahch-To but finds it empty. She notices an X-Wing in the water below.
  • Starkiller Base destroys the Republic capital on Kijimi
  • The resistance finishes decoding the data on the plans for Starkiller base. They come up with a plan to knock it out. Finn says he can take out the shield.
  • Ahch-To: Rey wakes up in the village and has the first connection with Kylo. She then trains with the lightsaber as a force ghost (whose face isn’t seen) watches over her. She turns to where it was and looks toward the top of the mountain. As she climbs it, she’s then pulled toward the tree. When she reaches for the books, she has a bit of a halucinatory vision where a voice explains the Jedi texts and Rey admits she’s afraid of herself.
  • Meanwhile, on the Raddus in D’Qar orbit, Finn along with Rose explain how to deactivate the shield but they can’t do it without getting past the shields first. Maz tells them where they can find a codebreaker to sneak them past
  • Ahch-To: At the top of the mountain, Rey meditates and has a vision of a place on the island. Her vision also shows her holding the wayfinder.
  • Kylo talks to Vader’s mask, telling it about feeling the pull to the light
  • Ahch-To: Chewbacca is having issues with the Porgs in the Falcon’s cockpit. Rey has a second connection with Kylo where he tries to explain why he destroyed the Jedi temple. Rey isn’t listening to him and says he is a monster and the connection fizzles out.
  • Kylo destroys his mask, angry at being called a monster by someone he obviously still has feelings for.
  • Rose and Finn land on Canto Bight and get arrested
  • Snoke speaks with Hux saying the Resistance must be destroyed. Hux says they’ve located the Resistance fleet. Snoke is pleased and tells Hux to go to him with Kylo Ren, it’s time to complete his training.
  • Kylo fixes the mask he smashed in rage
  • Ahch-To: Chewbacca has dinner. The third connection between Kylo and Rey is radically rewritten here using footage of Kylo in his quarters from TRoS. Kylo says “you still want to kill me.” Rey: “yes.” Kylo: “such pain, such anger.” Rey asks him why he killed them. Kylo says Snoke wanted her dead so he wanted to turn her to the dark side to keep her safe. He tries to rationalize them being together in the dark side and that her mother was the granddaughter of Vader.
  • Rey goes to the hole in the ground and touches the mirror where she has a few visions. One is when Kylo grabbed the wayfinder with a voice over “the only way you’re getting to Exogal is with me”. Another is her and Kylo kissing with a voice over from Kylo “I’ll never stop loving you” and them raising blue lightsabers together. The final one is her sitting on a throne and holding the red double saber with Kylo behind her. “Don’t be afraid of who you are” (Kylo also says “who you are”) There’s the brief saber battle with her dark reflection. The vision ends with a Kylo voice over “the dark side is in our nature, give in to it.”
  • Fourth force connection: Rey admits she’s never felt so alone. Kylo tells her she’s not alone. They touch hands and then heads off with Chewbacca to the First Order fleet.
  • The first order fleet arrives at D’Qar with Snoke’s destroyer. The battle begins.
  • Rey arrives and heads aboard using the escape pod.
  • The D’Qar battle is cross cut with Rey facing Supreme Leader Snoke who informers her it was him who bridged Kylo and Rey’s minds. He tortures her for the hell of it and then wants Kylo to finish her off.
  • Kylo kills the emperor and fights side by side with Rey against the guards. Meanwhile, Paige is the last bomber left.
  • After killing the royal guards, Kylo reaches out his hand and wants her to join him. She goes for the lightsaber instead. As the saber splits in half, Paige drops the payload and splits Snoke’s ship in two.
  • The resistance fleet escapes and Rey steals Kylo’s starfighter and leaves herself.
  • Kylo wakes up and has a chat with Hux. They know where the resistance are going.
  • Back on Canto Bight, Finn and Rose meet DJ and escape prison. They meet the kids and the fathiers scene plays out normally.
  • Ahch-To: Rey destroys Kylo’s ship and Luke emerges from it. He explains to her that facing fear is the destiny of the Jedi. He also explains that his sister, on her last night of training, put her saber down and said someone would complete her journey and gives Rey Leia’s saber to take to Exogal. Everything else plays out normally in this scene.
  • The Resistance arrives at an auxiliary staging point located on Ajan Kloss. Poe sends out a signal to the outer rim. R2 recieves a message from Luke’s starfighter and 3P0 tells General Poe. He communicates with Finn and Rose on the stolen yacht that they’re tracking an old ID, Finn says it has to be Rey showing them the way to Exogal. The Resistance sets off.
  • The First Order at Exogal track a lone fighter on approach. Kylo senses her and says “she’s mine.” The shields to the planet are lowered allowing Rey to land. The shields are raised again.
  • Meanwhile, Finn arrives, DJ gets them past the shield and they infiltrate the base.
  • Meanwhile, Poe is in his X-Wing leading the charge along the markers Rey left behind.
  • Rose gets the shields lowered. The Resistance fleet arrives and are immediately fired on by the First Order fleet. Poe says help is on the way.
  • Kylo confronts Rey in a watery junkyard of some kind on Exogal (heh).
  • Rose and Finn are captured. BB8 escapes and sabotages the oscillator, creating a hole.
  • As they try to reach the oscillator, they’re swarmed by TIE fighters. Meanwhile, Rey is starting to lose her saber duel and Finn and Rose are brought before Hux. Phasma orders their execution to hurt.
  • Poe thinks all hope is lost when he hears the sound of lightspeed ships arriving. Everyone arrives including Chewbacca who growls (as does a Porg). Poe heads to the oscilator as Kylo forces Rey down to her knees and the stormtroopers are about to decapitate Rose and Finn.
  • The oscilator explodes, drawing Kylo’s attention away for a moment and Rey strikes, stabbing him. The explosion also saves Rose and Finn. Finn faces off against Phasma as BB8 is operating a walker. The Resistance and the starships that have shown up are now taking down the First Order fleet.
  • Rey confesses to a dying Kylo that she did want to take his hand but leaves him to his fate.
  • Finn kills Phasma and escapes with BB8 and Rose aboard a shuttle. He signals to Poe that Red 5 is in the air and the fleet escapes Exogal as it explodes.
  • They celebrate on Ajan Kloss


  • A small child on Canto Bight tells a story of Luke Skywalker to two other children before they’re yelled at to return to work. One child uses the force to grab a broom and begins to sweep. He stops when he hears footsteps on the cobblestone and looks up. A voice informs him: “I’m Rey” and we see her approach him. Rey is ready to restart the Jedi.