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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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6-Apr-2021, 10:29 AM

jarbear said:

I still believe it would be more beneficial than not to keep the mythology of the Dagger. It accomplished a few things with, I think, doable changes/edits to accomplish it.

  1. It benefits Ray’s character building. This movie is, trying to tell us, she is struggling between light and dark. She does clearly struggle with the light at the beginning. However, the movie is telling us she is struggling with using the dark … but not really? The only instance, prior to her encounter with Palps, is the “one time” she unknowingly used force lighting. Which in turn scarred her. So … she is wanting/struggling with the light but freaking out about the dark. That’s not really a struggle of choosing a side.

By having the dagger be a Dark Side thingy that actually aides her, like she has done in the previous movies of using the dark side “without a problem” it continues the struggle on to use it or not?

  1. Why would Babu Frik send a broadcast out to the galaxy: Hey Ya’ll, we have the crew that is our last hope going to Endor. If you are/or support the First Order, please disregard. I’m a black market guy who has to live in secret, so please don’t spread this around too much. Thanks!

  2. It would be nice that Finn’s conversation with Jannah works out to be a motivation for Jannah and crew to join up with them. You know, actually have Finn’s origin story of Storm Trooper turn good to help recruit others. Crazy concept, I know!