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Help: looking for... The Muppet Show: Watermarkless content
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6-Apr-2021, 7:34 AM

MrColeslaw said:

I’m not sure if this project is still being worked on at all by anyone, but I have the Chris Langham episode logoless. MPEG format, interlaced, from PAL broadcast so original framerate is intact! Quality isn’t too bad to my eye, but maybe someone else would feel differently. No clue where I picked this file up, had it for a year or two (I also have the rest of season 5 and 4 in the same format, I think all logoless, if needed for said project. All from the Best of DVD sets, the rest from broadcast).

That looks great! Are you able to provide a link to all the logoless versions of Seasons 4 and 5 episodes available, or at least the logoless version of the Chris Langham episode?