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6-Apr-2021, 5:20 AM

Heavysyde said:

The sample clip you shared looks great, really good job in removing the laugh track. The audio drop at 1:36 is a bit sudden, might wanna smooth that out. The additional bell ringing sound effect at 1:47 is very well done, and you’ve done a great job at adding additional sound effects (or removing the laugh track channel? I doubt that’s possible), must’ve been hard.
I thought opening with the Australian broadcast was a bit odd since it’s an American show. Only a minor gripe.

How’s this coming along? And what kind of plot are you aiming for.

Thanks for the kind words and criticism!
I myself am proud of the removal of the laugh track, because there was no “track”, every one of the six channels had the laughs in them. If there was a laugh, I had to try remaking all the sounds that would have been there. The doorbell I felt was too loud, but I’m glad you didn’t pick up the other sounds being inserted by me. The Australian broadcast was a bit odd, now that you mention it, I just felt it fit the tone and was already part of the song I put in.

Currently, I haven’t worked on it in some months - that’s my method of editing, lol, start a project and never finish it. If there are any updates, I’ll post them, but at the moment this is just an idea I have for an edit, much less and actual edit,