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How to obtain an HD video file for a movie and then apply LUTs to it?
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3-Apr-2021, 10:54 PM

I’ve been waiting to begin really working on my TROS edit since the crackly saber idea was introduced back in July so I could just wait to start when that was finished, but I’m just gonna stop waiting and finally start it now and it’s whatever if I have to redo it all when that’s finished. My questions:

How do I go about finding the film in the highest quality possible, and then adding skenera’s TROS LUTs to the file so I can begin the edit? I’ve been working with a lower-quality torrent (which is legal AFAIK since I already own the film of course) but haven’t been able to find a very high-quality one to work with. And then I have zero clue how to apply LUTs (or what they actually are beyond the base idea of color grading), is this even possible in iMovie? It’s the only software I know how to use / have available and it’s what I’ve been using for my mock-up clips so far.

Any help would be much appreciated, or if there’s already an edit like this that someone could direct me to that would be even better.