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Video Games - a general discussion thread
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3-Apr-2021, 12:20 PM
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fmalover said:

I recently watched a retrospective on the Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire multimedia project, and on the segment dedicated to the SotE videogame they reference the fact that it has a bit of everything, an on-rails shooter, third-person action shooter, starfighter shooter, and they consider this a weakness but I disagree.

I kinda miss games that had a bit of everything. Now it’s strictly a platformer, an action RPG, an open world adventure, but there’s no mix-and-match.

I love that game - and still play it from time to time. Agree with you - the variety of styles is a strength of SOTE, not a weakness - especially considering the length of the game too.

This new OT thread on it may be of some interest fmalover:-

Shadows Of The Empire : Lucasfilm’s mid-to-late 1990’s EU multimedia project


and if anyone is into ‘retro’ games, these OT gaming threads have been updated / created…

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