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Chase Adams
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Star Wars: The Bad Batch (animated series) - a general discussion thread
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31-Mar-2021, 9:11 PM

RogueLeader said:

She’s the character I’m actually the most interested in. So she is a clone of Jango, but with two XX chromosomes instead of an XY. It’s a really cool idea I had never even considered before. Her perspective and place in the galaxy will be fun to explore.

+1 RogueLeader, my thoughts exactly.
As I had already written on the OT Discord yesterday, Omega may end up being a highlight of the show for me. Dare I even say a favourite character? I’m still of the opinion that the rest of the Bad Batch squad aren’t all that interesting enough to have a whole show about, so bringing in a new team member is certainly welcome in my book. I’m definitely not getting that ‘annoying kid’ vibe from her since seriously guys, she has like 2 lines in the trailer and you’re already making that judgement? 😉 But overall I agree that exploring her perspective on the aftermath of the war and being a part of a soon to be redundant army will be very interesting. I even think the show may start to dig into questions like if Omega is a member of the Bad Batch team now, what does it mean to be one of them? And specifically, how do they stand out from the rest of the clones, aside from the obvious, skin-deep differences? One thing I am wondering is that why would Kamino produce more children at the very end of the war? Did we even see any clone kids in any of the later seasons of TCW? Certainly not in ROTS.