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Any Tv/Film reboots, remakes or sequels that you felt were superior to the original?
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31-Mar-2021, 5:16 PM

Not superior but a new take would be Space Battleship Yamato 2199. I feel like it was the best remake i’ve ever seen. Very faithful in spirit to the original series.

I don’t really care for remake sequels as a concept, even if i sort of like aspects of Force Awakens. And i despised Jurassic World. I still feel like they shouldn’t have remade return of the jedi as rise of skywalker, but again i liked the movie regardless. Last Jedi was sort of a remake of Empire Strikes Back and Return as well, and sort of not.

Into Darkness wasn’t better than Wrath of Khan, although i don’t hate Into Darkness. I just feel like all the Star Trek films lately were villains with revenge plots. Rather than about humanism and exploration.