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What Would've Gary Kurtz's Version of ROTJ looked like?
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31-Mar-2021, 10:56 AM

I remember reading about it online and even seeing some rough drafts, and watching the Justice League Snyder Cut brought this back into my mind, and I hope to one day make a radical fanedit of RoTJ that’s a “Kurtz Cut” (It would be called Revenge of the Jedi, its original title). Here are some of the changes:

  • Two Death Stars under construction
  • A key setting is the Imperial city world of Had Abbadon (would later become Coruscant). Had Abbadon’s moon is known as Endor, and it has a shield generator on it that protects Had Abbadon from invasion.
  • Wookies live on Endor, and have been imprisoned and enslaved by the Empire to build settlements on Endor for residents of the overpopulated Had Abbadon.
  • There are two sail barges over the Sarlaac pit, and Leia never goes to Jabba’s palace. She’s headed to Endor from the beginning.
  • The final space battle takes place over Had Abbadon, and Lando is in command of a Mon Cal cruiser instead of piloting the Falcon. The two Death Stars aren’t destroyed by fighters flying into them, but by blasts from Rebel capital ships.
  • The Emperor’s throne room is in an underground chamber full of lava.
  • The Wookies are freed and help the Rebels fight stormtroopers on Endor.
  • Han dies in Leia’s arms after being shot in the final raid on the Imperial shield generator base on Endor.
  • The Force ghosts of Obi-Wan and Yoda appear to protect Luke from the Emperor’s force lightning.
  • Darth Vader kills the Emperor by grabbing him and diving into one of the pools of lava.